Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Seven years ago today I married the LOVE OF MY LIFE. He is not only my soul mate and lover, but also my best friend and amazing father to our children. I feel that our love has definetly grown stronger over the last 7 years and the trust and bond that we share is something that I am so very proud of.

In the last seven years we have managed to pack in 2 gorgeous children, 12 months living in London, a trip round the world, the beginning and development of a new business, a divorce, many, many soccer games, losses of close family, 5 houses, 3 cars.... sounds exhausting!

Looking to the next seven years, I do hope it is as jam packed with as many core shaking, breath taking moments, as the last. I am hoping for even more adventures that help us grow.

Happy Anniversary Bub! I love you now and forever.xo

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