Monday, May 30, 2011

No Words Needed for a Perfect Day.

(Sorry...could not help myself! Example of what one should NEVER wear to the races.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

In My Dreams

From Here

I am in L.O.V.E with this image... this room. Not something that is really my style but it just looks so chic, yet so inviting. However... reality has slapped me in the face and the reality of a white lounge and black and white rug with a house that has two young boys, surrounded by red mud (soon to be concrete if this weather gives us a break!!), not going to happen but...

Happy Friday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The 'H' word.

Over the last week I posted a few updates on facebook about the new house, typical posts... unpacking... organising... sorting... cleaning red mud off white tiles etc, but it was only after one little post referring to our place still as the wee little 'house' one of my long time friends asked the question, 'was it time to upgrade to the 'H' word... you know, HOME?'

It made me stop sit and think. We have had houses and before the children they were just houses. But for the past 18months I have truly longed for somewhere to call... HOME.
Well... Friday afternoon we took the biggest step so far. It was a beautiful sunny day in Brissie on Friday and in the afternoon when the school bell rang and all the children left the little school behind us, we opened our back gate for the first time in over 7 months and ventured into our adopted back yard... the school oval. As soon as the gate open, Jet was off like a flash with his soccer ball tucked up his arm and Brodie was wriggling so hard to get down I could hard keep hold of him. Right then I took a deep breath, looked around, soaked every ounce of the moment and realised... we were HOME!

I'm not one to get attached to material items or houses because of the many moves we did as kids (builders as parents) so this is a big, big step for me. HOME.. it is hard even saying the word, but somehow I think I can truly get used to it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Home Ashe, Home!!!!

Ok, pardon my lack of blogging lately but it has been one of those crazy hectic last couple of weeks where one minute you are standing in a tile shop, the next you are playing golf with my eldest out the back, whilst hanging out the washing, emailing the cabinet maker, fetching rocks out of bubs mouth kinda weeks... yes, one of THOSE couple of weeks. But today, finally, it just all clicked. Ahhhhhhhh I can feel the weight lifting off my shoulders as I sit here and type.

Saturday we officially moved into the not so little shoebox. I am still pinching myself and probably will be for quite some time. It is not fully completed, but it is liveable and cosy. Outside may still look like a job site but hey, I grew up as a builders daughter and my husband is a tradie so really.... what could I expect!!!

I am overwhelmed right now with it all and when I first inspected the finished product last Friday, I cried. Tears of pure relief and disbelief that my dad had made our dream into a reality.

This is home.

This is where we can all retreat from the outside world into our own. Brad and I have a space and place where we can close the doors and enjoy a few well deserved quiet moments. The kids have an area for all their toys and many little spaces to hide and explore.

Right now I am ready to hang up my moving shoes for a few years and enjoy this place. (I can hear all our family members sigh's of relief right now. No more moves for a couple of years I promise!!!)

I will upload a few pics along the way once we are settled and have running hot water, a washing machine up and running and the bench is cleared... (I can handle all of this because... I have a dishwasher!!!!)

Lastly, I am so unbelievable thankful to everyone who helped us!!!! It was a lot harder then expected moving, especially with two little cherubs... we could not have done it without out all our wonderful helpers.

I am off to research and find a new dining table via eBay... wish me luck!