Saturday, February 11, 2012

The B.I.G. 3 0.

I am dreaming of a few little specials and hinting to my Splendid other half just enough so he knows exactly what I am swooning over for my 30th....

1. I have been craving this little baby for a lllllllooooooonggggg time!
2. I L.O.V.E to bake... L.O.V.E to bake. I have even been known to borrow 'The Best Sister in The World's' and maybe keep it for well over a month!
3. An amazing SLR camera that is compact enough to carry most places so I never miss a moment with my gorgeous boys and so I stop borrowing mum's!!!!

4. A little JuJu Hat. I have a perfect spot for this little baby.

5. A little Mimco sparkle. My ears are calling for these!


  1. OOooh a perfect collection of goodies for your 30th!!! C'Mon Mr Ashe....get shopping ;o)
    I can highly recommend the Sony Nex5, had it for 18months now....and LOVE it! I too want a kitchenmaid :) And the die for :)

  2. Perfect wish list.. Love it all... I also would love a Kitchen Aid, there's a new Candy pink one out which I LOVE! I only just got another type a few years back so cannot justify it :( Dammit!

    Fingers crossed you get all you've wished for!!!