Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Easy Road...

Today I had a moment, a good moment, even a light bulb moment.

Today was fast paced, flat out, and hot. From kiddies breakfasts, two drop offs, First Aid, a touch of boules, some interschool sport, a bus trip, two banks, two pickup and a pop into the shops... it was one mammoth day! Day two of my working week and the house looked like a bomb, the washing is starting to pile, the floors need vacuuming the toys need putting away and the bathroom needed its wipe down. But today the moment happened... for the first time in a very long time I closed my eyes, stepped over the mess, ignored the washing and just had an easy night. Don't get me wrong, the lunches are still made, kids bags are packed for daycare tomorrow and my clothes are laid back... but the rest who cares. I wanted to simply sit down enjoy a few extra minutes of the sunny afternoon watching Jet jump in and out of the pool swimming and having a real magical time. Tonight I realised that all these things only mattered to me. We had an easy freezer dinner and salad which usually I would feel guilty about but thanks to my light bulb moment, I have realised that easy is ok. I am not any less of a wife or mother because our dinner was not gourmet, or that the house is still a mess... finally I am starting to get that.

So to all you mummies and busy flat out people, it is ok to stop and take the easy road at times... who cares!!!


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  1. Go Kirsty! Life is too beautiful to be busy cleaning and cooking ALL THE TIME...we have to cherish those moments we can stop and enjoy :)