Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home is a relction of YOU.

Tonight in a moment of rare uninterrupted quietness as I sat sipping my calming green tea out of my very sunny jumbo T2 mug, I stumbled across this post from Live Creating Yourself. It really got me thinking about something that really is obvious, yet often people in the decorating process, completely forget. One's home is a true reflection of you and your family... duh!

Right now as I look around the lounge, dining/ kitchen space (remembering that tonight maybe my Friday night or it may be my Thursday of my working week which means kids bags still packed, lunch boxes half packed ready for tomorrow, folding needing to be put away), I see chaos. Is this a reflection of me and my family? Is this how we live our lives? Really? And the answer is... yes! Now it is not a bad chaos, more what I like to call an organised, relaxed chaos. (We are renting our gem house off my husbands business and it to is in much need of a major reno hence the boxes not unpacked thing put places because no real home a been made for them.)

So my point here is, how do I want the shoe box to refect me and my family? For me there are a few vital things it must do,

1. Be warm and inviting. I can't wait to finally be able to have those play dates we have been yearning or the family gatherings.

2. Lend itself to be treated a little rough at times, (remember I have two fast paced boys and one adult male child who all at some point cannot resist the urge to kick/throw/dribble or hurl a ball indoors.)

3. Provide hidden sanctuaries for each of us to retreat and recharge. ( I am a firm believer that even the kids need this!!!)

4. Be bright, airy and have a relaxed flow. Nothing worse then a boxy home that is suffocating!!!

5. Be outdoorsy and cater for the many lazy BBQ's with firends and family.

6. Be a place full of Superman adventures

7. Have roads to drive our wash basket cars

8.Deal with a whole lot a mess

9.House very cheeky boys.

10. Provide a stage for our regular dancing and singing showcases.

I think that should reflect my family and I perfectly.

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