Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Sass & Bide and their move to Myer

Jet and Brodie's first day of school for the year.

My much loved Rav that I said goodbye to in August to house our growing family.

Today on my way home from school, en route to pick up two of my three favorite boys (Brad clearly does not go to daycare!) I got thinking.... is this my destiny? Am I living my dream or is there more?

At 26 I could tick off every goal I had as a 16 year old. Uni degree... check, healthy social life.... check, married... check, baby... check, PE teacher... check, travelled around the world... check, taught abroad... check, home.... check, Rav 4.... check, wonderful family and friends... check, you really get my gist .. but my point is I had dreams, aspirations and a destiny. I knew what I wanted and went about getting each and every element. But sitting in the car on the way home (3 years older and wiser!) doing what I do every Wednesday afternoon, I had a sliding door moment. What if this is not my destiny? Is there something else out there waiting for me? Is it time to shift into the other lane put my foot down and just go for it? Don't get me wrong, I love my life and I love what I do but the creative side of me bubbles and at times wants to burst... hence the reno. For the moment it is my creative outlet, the design aspect, the transformation, the creation, the dream. Could I turn it into something more... maybe some developing or interior design consultation or an online store to house every homey thing that I lust after to save me paying all the shipping to everyone else when I finally am able to dress the shoe box! Is this where I am headed? Hmmmmmmmmm.....

For now... I am staying in my lane, I will bubble but it will be contained. I will watch my two lovelies grow into gorgeous energectic fast paced boys. When I get a moment, probably whilst on the side of a soccer feild around Brisbane, I will have a light bulb moment, set my new goals and put the foot down!

I would love to hear if you are following your destiny or if you have been brave enough to change lanes!

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  1. Oh Kirsty, I love this!
    I think I'm following bits of my destiny but have huge desires to change direction & fulfill some new goals & dreams I have. Some of them are coming true already...others will take more time, & hard work, but I'm determined to go for it & that excites me! And you my dear are a huge inspiration. You owning a business or a store would be awesome, coz I know you would rock at it & be so successful. I always wanted to be a a teacher I became. And although I enjoy my job, I'm at a cross-road where I'm ready to change my destiny & live a life full of different career goals. Thats what I love about's there for us to make it whatever we want to make it. We only live I'm going to make the most of it :) As comfy as I am in my life now, I don't want to look back in 50 years with regrets! Thank goodness I have a fab friend like you by my side all the way :) xo