Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How This All Came About...

I count myself as being very lucky with some parts of my life. I have never been one to rub it in anyone's face, nor is that ever my intention but... I am...I see myself as being one of the lucky ones in life so far.

I was lucky enough to marry my best friend and my soul mate. We are childhood sweethearts... a cliche I know but one I actually love! We share a lot in common and are both very driven and motivated people but also quite laid back and know when to let the little things slide. It is with these shared qualities that we have embarked on a few little adventures over the last 12 years.

In June 2009 we sold our third house which was the first house that we had built from scratch together with the help of my builder father. We put our blood, sweat and tears into it knowing full well that it was only ever going to be a stepping stone. After selling with the help of my fantastic real estate mum and sister, we embarked on a journey of renovating, building and selling to reach our dream home.

All has not gone to plan! Some mistakes on our part. Some impatience on our part. But these things are all learning curves and with that in Jan 2010 we bought our first major renovator. We called it the Shoe Box. Definitely a case of the worst house in a good street. Loads of potential and lucky for us.... we are... well I definitely am, a dreamer.

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