Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Monday...

Today for the first time in 5 weeks I hit the ground running on a Monday at work highly organised with my lessons laid out on my desk (since last Wednesday), my USB full with essentials for my new best freind.... the mounted projectors in every classroom (perfect for PE visuals) and my photo copies ready. I was armed... I was prepared and boy did my kids work. I was so very proud of them especially in this heat! I did have one of those...I love my job moments today! After 7 years, which has included two pregnancy's, two maternity leaves and a 12 month unpaid leave working in London, it is so refreshing to have those wonderful .. I love my job moments!

It got me thinking of all the things I am loving right now.

1. My gorgeous husband and fabulously energetic little boys.

2. Ju Ju Hats
3. Custom Jewelery (seriously... can you ever have enough!!!)

4. Ikat cushions

5. Summer (I know it was scorcher today but before we know it we will be in our jeans and anoraks again:-()

And... just because...


  1. Welcome to blogging!! Discovered you via Claire and look forward to more of your posts.

  2. OOoh an "i love my job' moment....YAY!!!
    Love this post Kirsty.
    Ella is missing Jet...I think we need to organise a catch up soon. Gah to us now working opposite days :(
    P.S, will we see a Juju hat in the new place??

  3. What a cool post! 2011 is a awesome year... positive thinking all round :) I'm devastated I lost my Rose Mimco earrings.



  4. Thank you so much Amanda, I hope you enjoy the journey!!!

    Claire, yes, it is a must. I will breath on Thurs and let you know.

    I miss your mimco's!!!! x