Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Shoe Box Drives Me.

Today is my 'Saturday'. It is the first day of my weekend as I am lucky enough to be able to work part time as a PE teacher and spend two days with my gorgeous bundles. Thursday mornings are relaxed, the tea is pored a little later, breakfast is had with a whole lot less hustle and bustle and I don't fell like I'm running and nagging just to get out the door. Oh how I love my Thursday mornings!!!

After our usual trip to swimming it was over to the 'Shoe Box' to take a peak and get that fix of what is driving me right now. Right now... I am driven to create a sanctuary for my family that we can call home. Somewhere where we can unpack the boxes which have been packed for the last 18 months and finally build up the courage to go through those engagements presents and let go of the ones we should have done many moons ago. (We got engaged 9th March, 2002...those presents have had their time!!!) I want the boys to have their own rooms, filled with their toys and a sign on their doors that shows this is their room, their haven, their space.

I won't spoil you with loads of photos with the progress of the 'Shoe Box', I really do want to keep you in a little suspense but today LS (Little Sister) emailed me a pic of what our house originally looked like before we even got our hands on it.

This is what we have done

What drives you? Head over to the very lovely Claire from Scissors Paper Rock click here and share what drives you.

And just for fun, these are a few things that Drive Me Wanting More!!!

Witchery Crochet Lace Insert Dress

My perfect dining chair that can easily be wiped down after the messy little fingers have been and enjoyed:-)

Olivia Palermo- love her or hate her... we all want her wardrobe!

Samantha Will
Desert Dynasty


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